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Educational Exhibits

Site Masters offers assistance in helping clients achieve their programming objectives. Teri Hendy has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Art and Education. As a former public school teacher, she brings an understanding of child development and educational objectives to the art of creating children’s learning environments. Her years of working directly in the industry of playground safety enable her to understand the importance of creating learning experiences that are safe for their intended use, durable and able to be maintained. Site Masters, Inc. has years of experience in the residential retail market and as such understands the importance of marketing and merchantability of a product. Teri has offered assistance in curriculum development and exhibit design that has resulted in increased revenue streams for clients.

Teri has worked with park districts to create children’s gardens that mix educational objectives with play opportunities. Site Masters, Inc. will work with architects, exhibit manufacturers and program directors to insure that the completed project is compliant with all applicable safety standards and with the American’s with Disabilities Act.

Recent Projects:

Clear Creek Nature Center Tree Exhibit
Objective: to create an indoor tree that contained exhibits that dealt with the growth of a tree with representations of the type of plants, animals and insects that relied on a tree for protection and nourishment.

Cox Hall Children’s Garden and Play Area
To create a children’s garden that allowed the opportunity for children to interact directly with the natural environment. The garden was to include playground elements that were to be created from natural and found objects as opposed to traditional playground equipment. Site Masters, Inc. was part of the design and development team.

Moffitt Village Playground
The playground was constructed on land that was formerly inhabited by Native American Indians. The objective of the park district was to create a play environment that would passively teach the children about the land and the Native Americans that had lived on the land. Site Masters was responsible for the design of the environment, educational exhibits and oversaw the construction of all aspects of the play environment.

Highfield Children’s Garden
Site Masters was part of a collaborative team that worked directly with the park district to develop unique educational/themed play pieces that greatly enhanced the child’s learning and play experience.

Knoxville Children’s Zoo
Site Masters, Inc. worked with a team to develop a children’s play area that incorporated a petting zoo, aviary and educational center. Teri worked directly with the architects and playground equipment manufacturers to insure that the final product met the educational objects, was aesthetically pleasing and was compliant with all applicable standards and guidelines.

Chattanooga Discovery Science Center
Teri has worked as a consultant evaluating existing exhibits and play spaces and in the development of the “Yellow House” infant and toddler learning environment, an interactive roof top exhibit and in the evaluation of the renovation of the Fine Art Lab and Field Science Center.

Missouri Botanical Garden Children’s Garden
Currently under construction

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