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Playground Environments

“The Environment of My Childhood
Remains the Landscape of My Soul”

Site Masters is dedicated to offering stimulating, challenging environments that allow children the opportunity to explore and develop their abilities in an environment that manages risk without compromising play value.

Site Masters is committed to design excellence.
SMI believes in utilizing an inclusive process in which varying interests are expressed to produce the optimum product. SMI is a strong proponent of the philosophy that “It takes a village to raise a child”; therefore SMI endeavors to create community through the development of meaningful play spaces providing opportunity for persons of all ages to interact. Site Masters strives to enrich the aesthetics and provide a community environment that is rich in the culture, history, and art.

Site Masters strives to create environments that allow the child the opportunity to be creative, free to explore the mysterious, to stretch and grow and express himself in his own unique way. Our playgrounds must possess a quality of mystery, uniqueness, wildness, and magic!


Creating Environments that Develop the Total Child

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