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Playground Equipment Design

“For the public and residential market”

Site Masters, Inc. offers consulting services related to the design and development of playground equipment, water play equipment, impact attenuating surfacing materials, site amenities and other play related equipment.

Site Masters, Inc. has assisted in the development of many products that have been manufactured and distributed on an international scale. Teri Hendy has worked with design and product development teams facilitating “Brainstorming” sessions that help to jump start the creative process.

Site Masters, Inc. is capable of offering continued assistance to see the intersection of ideas through to the reality of a final product. Through the design and development process Teri offers guidance relating to standard compliance, developmental appropriateness, age appropriateness and marketability.

Site Masters, Inc. is not a playground equipment manufacturer, but will work with clients to develop the necessary resources to produce the desired product.

Site Masters, Inc. respects the privacy and confidentiality of its clients.

Site Masters, Inc. -- Teri Hendy
49 Saint Andrews Drive, North Bend, Ohio 45052
Phone: 513-460-5916 • info@sitemastersinc.com

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