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Professional Experiences:
Teresa B. Hendy

Site Masters, Inc. (SMI) is a design and safety consulting company based in Cincinnati, Ohio. Teresa (Teri) B. Hendy is the President and owner and has for the past twenty years been actively involved as a design and safety consultant to the school, park and recreation industry.

Site Masters, Inc. offers a variety of services ranging from playground equipment design to the design and layout of playground environments. In recent years SMI has focused much time and attention to the development of a comprehensive system of playground hazard identification, site analysis, maintenance and risk reduction that has been adopted by many schools and public agencies throughout the United States.

Teri brings extensive knowledge of the standards and guidelines that apply to the playground industry as she has actively worked with the ASTM subcommittees and the Consumer Product Safety Commission since 1987. She serves as chairperson of the ASTM F15.09 Subcommittee that developed the standard for residential play equipment and serves as chairperson of the entrapment working group within the ASTM F15.29 Subcommittee that developed the standard for public playground equipment. As an artist and former school teacher, she also has an understanding of aesthetics and child development.

Teri is currently serving as the chair of the National Playground Safety Institute Curriculum Committee. She has been responsible for the development of the curriculum that is used by the institute to certify playground safety inspectors. Ms. Hendy is directly responsible for training instructors for the safety institute.

Teresa is a nationally recognized author, speaker and expert in the area of playground safety and design. She has received numerous awards for design and for her contribution to the playground industry.

In short, our business is to promote playground safety while creating challenging, creative, fun play environments that continue to develop the "Total Child".

Design consultation
Playground equipment design and product development, Children’s play and learning environments, Playground area layout and design considerations, Zoo and exhibit spaces, Standards compliance, ADA compliance

Safety consultation
Playground Safety Audits and Hazard Analysis - Preventive Maintenance Programs - Risk Reduction Programs - Staff Training - Curriculum Development – Playground Supervision Training

General consultation
Program development for Health Departments, Child Care Agencies and Licensing Divisions. Programming assistance for science centers, park districts, schools, botanical gardens and family fun centers.

Litigation consultation
Details on request

American Society for Testing and Materials International
Executive Committee 15.90 – member at large of committee responsible for overseeing the actions of all F15 Subcommittees.

Subcommittee F15.29 – participant that developed the F1487 Standard Safety Performance Specification for Public Playground Equipment –Task group chair.

Subcommittee F15.09 – participant that developed the F1148 Standard Safety Performance Specification for Home Playground Equipment. Currently serve as subcommittee chairperson.

Subcommittee F08.52 – participant that developed the F1292 Standard Specification for Impact Attenuation of Surface Systems Under and Around Playground Equipment.

Subcommittee F15.36 – participant that developed the F1918 Standard for Soft Contained Play Systems.

Subcommittee F15.44 – participant that developed the standard for playground equipment for children under the age of two.

National Playground Safety Institute
Executive Board Member, former Chair, primary author of the safety inspector curriculum, current instructor

Play 4 Life
Founding member and director of the non-profit organization that promotes the value of play for persons of all ages.

Community Built Association
Executive Board Member, author and speaker for this non-profit organization

Site Masters, Inc. -- Teri Hendy
49 Saint Andrews Drive, North Bend, Ohio 45052
Phone: 513-460-5916 • info@sitemastersinc.com

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